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Siyamrsh Yikir (Ethiopian Film 2017)

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Omer Demir is a devoted police officer who has recently been rewarded an all-expense-paid trip to Istanbul with his fiancée Sibel Andak. He lives in poverty with his mother, older brother and his wife Melike, like Sibel, who lives with her mother, ill father, and sister. Elif Denizer is a wealthy jewelry designer and head of her familys empress in Rome. For her birthday she is traveling back to Istanbul, where her father, mother and two sisters live in a large mansion. That evening, her family surprises her for her birthday with a party, but her father dismisses himself early. Omer is eager to be involves in a homicidal case, so his dear friend Arda decides to take him on a recent report. The report features two unknown victims murdered in a car on the edge of a cliff. Once Arda and Omer arrive, Omer is devastated when he sees Sibel in the passengers seat, with a bullet through her head. Beside her is Elifs father, also dead. During her fathers funeral, Elif is threatened by a group of men who force her to reveal where the diamonds are. Elif then discovers her father was actually the thief of diamonds worth millions of dollars, and now that he is dead she must find them and deliver the diamonds to them. If she doesnt, they will kill her family. She decides to keep this a secret from her family, because she does not want to worry them. When Elifs little sister Nilufer goes off to study abroad, she and Elif are kidnapped and taken to a shack, where a psychopath named Metin asks them to reveal where the diamonds are. Obviously, Nilufer has no idea about the diamonds, but Fatih decides to keep Nilufer and use her to pressure Elif. Elif is knocked unconscious and taken into the forest, where Fatih explains he will keep Nilufer as his prisoner until Elif finds the diamonds, but if she contacts the police he will kill Nilufer. As time progresses, Nilufer and Fatih fall into a complicated love and marry.

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